Biotech & Medtech well represented at Europe’s largest technological start-up challenge

02/07/2015 - 2 minutes

The second edition of the Hello Tomorrow Conference, a major event dedicated to disruptive technologies and science entrepreneurship, took place last week in Paris.

This event gathered scientists, entrepreneurs and investors during two days to share & present the scientific innovations that will shape our future. It gathered 6 different scientific fields structures, including Healthcare and Food&Agriculture.

For each of these fields, conferences with very prestigious speakers were organised, alongside with a start-up competition.

In the Healthcare sector, the main conference, « repairing the body » featured Mitchell H Finer from Avalanche Biotechnologies, Nina Tandon From Epibone, and Khalid Ishaque from Pixium Vision. These speakers developped 3 examples of technologies that could be used to repair the body : Gene therapy/editing, bone recontruction, and virtual reality implant to cure blindness.

Besides the conferences, start-ups were competing for a 100 000 € prize!

In the Biotech/Medtech field, the winning start-up, Instent received a 15 000 € Cash prize. This company develops a novel smart stent with remote and non-invasive in situ monitoring capabilities providing doctors with a simple tool to anticipate stent-related complications and tailor the follow-up treatment to the needs of the individual patient

The other competitors were :

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