Delenex Therapeutics, the Swiss Biotech developing new types of Therapeutic Antibodies

04/12/2015 - 2 minutes

This week we leave the old city of Oxford and travel South East across the channel, through France and arrive at our destination, Zurich, Switzerland. This wonderful city is famous for its many churches (including the Minster), the largest church clock in Europe, found on St Peter’s and is the home of many celebrities including George Clooney. It is also the location of our biotech of the week, Delenex Therapeutics.


City: Zurich, Switzerland

Founded: 2009

Financial Data: €41.3M Total Raised (as of 11/2015)

Employees: 15-30 (as of 11/2015)

CEO: Thomas Hecht

Mission: Delenex Therapeutics is a privately owned, clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing applied antibody therapeutics. They’re currently aiming to broaden the benefits of proven antibody therapies to a greater number of people, focusing on dermatological and oncological diseases. Delenex currently has one major platform, PENTRA® bodies, which are highly potent and stable antibody fragments which can easily penetrate tissues and cross barriers in humans.

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