Biotech of the week: Genenta Biosciences, a Novel Gene Therapies from Italy

23/10/2015 - 2 minutes


This week we depart from East Germany and head south, through both Liechtenstein and Switzerland to the northern region of Italy, Lombardy. Here we arrive in Italy’s second largest city, Milan. This city is the center of fashion, Italian cuisine and is home to Da Vinci’s, ‘The Last Supper’ however, it is also home of our biotech of the week, Genenta Science.


genenta logo

City: Milan, Italy

Founded: 2014

Financial Data: €10M total raised (as of 03/2015)

Employees: N/A


Mission: Genenta Science has one primary goal, to develop a new generation of gene therapies based on transcriptional and microRNA-mediated control focused on treating cancers. It is currently developing a gene transfer strategy into haematopoietic stem/progenitor cells (HSPCs) to target the production of interferon expressing monocytes/macrophages. Interferon production is being focused on because it exhibits powerful, anti-tumor activity, although clinical use is limited by its high toxicity. Using a combination of transcriptional and microRNA-mediated control,

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