Biotech of the week: Kallistem, producing Functional In vitro Spermatozoids in France

26/02/2016 - 2 minutes

This week, we leave Lisbon, Portugal and head up to Lyon, the so-called gastronomical capital of France. Besides bird watching, a beautiful cathedral and a multi-purpose Roman amphitheatre, and of course delicious food, Lyon is where Kallistem, our Biotech of the Week, is located.


City: Lyon, France

Founded: 2012

Employees: 7 (as of 02/2016)

Financial Data: N/A


Mission: Kallistem’s line of work is oriented towards spermatogenesis. Their goal, since its foundation in 2012, is the anticipation and treatment of male infertility. For that, Phillip Durand and Marie-Helene Perrand, two renowed reproductive biology scientists and co-founders of Kallistem, developed their innovative and technologically advanced procedures in the in vitro spermatogenesis field.

In collaboration with their partners, the company was able to create two innovating and original technologies of germinal cell culture for the preservation of male fertility and its prevention. 

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