Biotech of the week: Medicago, Your Trusted Partner in Biotech

22/01/2016 - 2 minutes

This week we leave Amsterdam behind and move North East across Denmark, to Sweden and more precisely, Uppsala, the location of the biotech of the week, Medicago. This week, we even have a special discount for Labiotech’s reader who want to order a product from Medicago (see at the end of the article)!


City: Uppsala, Sweden

Founded: 1995

Employees: 25


Mission: Medicago is a Contract manufacturer and products supplier with smart solutions that will change your way to work in a laboratory! Since its establishment, Medicago has developed a wide range of activities starting from innovative dry laboratory buffers (tablets) named SmartBuffersTM and Smart Reagents to production of Lectins, biomolecules, recombinant proteins, immunology kits and classic reagents.

In addition Medicago offers Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) -production in processes such as fermentation in bioreactors up to 500 litres, liquid chromatography,

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