Biotech of the week: PsiOxus, “non-traditional” Immuno-oncology from Oxford

27/11/2015 - 2 minutes

This week we leave Ireland and head South-East across the Irish Sea where we arrive at the ancient city of Oxford, our location of interest. ‘The city of dreaming spires’ is known for it’s world famous university, the Shark House (if you don’t know it, have a search, you won’t regret it :p) and the location for the Harry Potter films to name a couple of examples, but it is also our biotech of the week: PsiOxus.


City: Oxford, England, UK

Founded: 2010

Financial Data: €69.13 Million Total Raised (as of 05/2015)

Employees: 11-50


Mission: PsiOxus Therapeutics Ltd is a development stage biotechnology company that has a mission to develop novel therapeutics based on it’s vaccine, enadenotucirev. It is a highly potent broad spectrum anti-cancer therapeutic that has the capability to destroy tumor cells selectively and induce an immune response. The vaccine has currently undergone phase I human clinical trials in 2014 which showed promise and as a result,

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