Biotech’s crowdfunding: is France top of the class?

22/12/2014 - 5 minutes

No need to present the crowdfunding again! We hear about it every day through Kickstarter’s projects or other platforms that abound on the web. But what about biotech’s crowdfunding? Through many French entrepreneur’s interviews who are engaged in crowdfunding’s campaigns, I tried to make my own idea about this new financing tool. And one thing is certain, in this game France leads the way!

The French platform Wiseed has already demonstrated its effectiveness by funding the company Antabio, which aims to improve the effectiveness of antibiotics against resistant bacterial strains. The founder of this start-up chose Wiseed when venture capitalists turn him down. In less than a month, € 300,000 euros were collected from more than 100 investors. After 18 months of research and development, the company was able to raise funds from larger investors who then bought out Wiseed’s shares. Eventually, individuals involved have seen their investment double, a first time for a crowdfunding platform! “With this transaction, Wiseed has been the subject of an article in Nature Biotechnology and Antabio has raised € 4M from Welcome Trust”

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