Red Blood Cells to Carry Drugs? A US Start-Up Inspired by French Biotech to Focus on Rare Metabolic Disease

14/12/2015 - 3 minutes

Erytech (France) is working on a drug-transportation system using red blood cells. Now US Rubius Therapeutics joins Erytech on this new approach to drug delivery, backed by the huge VC in the States; Flagship Ventures.

rubius_therapeutics_red_blood_cellsFlagship Ventures has yet again shown its comprehensive portfolio in biotech through another EU inspired Biotech start-up. Rubius Therapeutics in Cambridge (Massachusetts) has been founded through Flagship’s VentureLabs to develop functionalized red blood cells for the treatment of autoimmune conditions, metabolic diseases, cancer, and other serious diseases.

Erytech in Lyon (France) have already developed a potential therapy for certain cancers using this method of drug delivery to a phase II trial stage. Rubius is therefore also pushing Red-Cell Therapeutics (RCTs), as a therapeutic approach to drug delivery.

Red blood cells are differentiated in bone marrow and the spleen and have a life-cycle of approximately 120 days, so understandably this is an appealing drug carrier in chronic disease given their longevity in the body.

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