This Bone Cell Therapy Could Make it to a Shelf Near You

18/02/2016 - 3 minutes

Bone Therapeutics (Belgium) is almost finished with the phase IIa trial for a Spinal cell therapy. The 12 people treated for degenerative bone conditions show no complications – a gold star for the safety check of this off-the-shelf product.

bone_therapeutics_spinal_injury_allob_preobThis Belgian biotech is developing two different osteoblastic cell therapies, PREOB and ALLOB, to treat a variety of bone-related health issues, like severe osteoporosis, hip osteocronosis and degenerative disc disease (DDD).

PREOB therapy requires the patient’s bone marrow cells to be extracted, in order to be grown outside the body and then used in the treatment itself (hence autologous).

In comparison, ALLOB can be used right away, as it is already prepared from the bone marrow cells of healthy volunteer donors. This makes it an off-the-shelf tissue engineering product – which is a significant advantage.

However, being treated with other people’s cells could potentially lead to adverse immune effects, so it’s natural that the trials for PREOB are more advanced than those for ALLOB.

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