Bone Therapeutics switches to allogeneic for Universal Bone Cell Therapy

19/05/2016 - 2 minutes

Bone Therapeutics is moving forward with a new phase II trial targeting severe osteroporosis – but this time with its allogeneic bone cell therapy (ALLOB). This type of therapy is easier to administrate, and could reach more patients in need. 

bone_therapeutics_allob_bone_osteoporosisBone Therapeutics is based in Gosselies (Belgium) and is developing cell therapies to treat conditions like bone fractures, osteocronosis and severe osteoporosis.

Of these indications, osteoporosis is a main focus. This disease is considered a serious public health concern – and an ageing population will continue to increase the number of people affected.

The total market estimated to be worth up to €7.4Bn ($8.4Bn), of which up to 30% is deemed severe osteoporosis – that does not respond to available therapies. Bone Therapeutics’ cell therapy would particularly help this subset of patients.

The company is now transitioning to allogeneic development in osteroporosis, by focusing on a new phase II trial with ALLOB – their off-the-shelf product. The preparation of the trial is already in place,

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