Top 8 Deadliest Cancers and their Potential Cures

19/01/2016 - 7 minutes

With more than 200 types of cancer, the possibility of developing a Universal Cure is in reality, a myth. However, the fight against the World’s Deadliest Cancers is far from being lost…and there lies hope in the Biotech Industry.

Simply by having a quick look through our articles, we can easily confirm that cancer is one of the World’s main concerns in terms of health. You can read our reviews on how Biotech differs in its approach to tackling these cancers compared to chemotherapy, and how CAR-T is the Immuno-Oncology Revolution.

Deals, partnerships, fundraising, successful (or not-so-successful) clinical trials with cancer as the common denominator invade our summary almost every week.

So what are some of the deadliest, and who in Biotech is working against them?

1. Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)

Adaptimmune (UK) is in the early stages of the process, developing immunotherapy products based on T-cell receptors and launched last November a phase I/II safety and tolerability study.

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