Antibody Start-up Gets a Slice of a Rebranded €210M Life Sciences Fund

10/03/2016 - 2 minutes

Capella Biosciences (UK) is a life sciences start-up specializing in antibodies. It has just raised an additional €14.3M in a Series A round to develop their antibody pipeline to clinical stages.

capella_biosciences_advent_life_sciences_medicxi_ventures_index_antibody_mabs_osage_university_partners_crohn's_fibrosisCapella started out in 2014 and based in London, defining its mission as developing therapeutic monoclonal antibodies for unmet medical needs. Back then, it received seed funding from Advent Life Sciences and Index Venture Life Sciences.

The start-up has now received €14.3M (£11M) in a Series A financing round. Both Advent and the re-branded Medicxi Ventures (former Index Venture Life Sciences) chipped in to help Capella on its way. Medixci Ventures is a €210M fund focused on drug discovery which was just re-launched last month.

These 2 European VCs are joined by US’s Osage University Partners, another VC which usually invests in start-ups  to help them commercialize ‘cutting edge university technologies‘.

The money will support the progress of Capella’s therapeutic antibody discovery programs,

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