CAR-T Wannabe? Immuno-oncology Start-up snowballs $102M for Series A Fund

21/10/2015 - 3 minutes

Gritstone Pharmaceuticals is a US start-up which will focus on R&D of its new CAR-T cancer therapy technique: tumor-specific neo-antigen (TSNA). An impressive financial syndicate is backing its launch this month, having achieved a £102M series A pot for their lung cancer research.

This cash is a clear indication that this start-up has the 3 major components to a successful Biotech under its belt; a novel-platform, tenure + biotech expertise from the field (i.e. as it is led by a co-founder of the US biotech Clovis) and research excellence from King’s College London (UK) and Institute Gustave-Roussy (France).

Tumor-specific neo-antigen (TSNA) field is a personalized immuno-oncology technique akin to CAR-T (which you can read about in our Oncology overview here). This is a type of checkpoint inhibition therapy which works in almost the exact same way as CAR-T, but instead it targets tumoric antigens which are unique to cancerous cells (considered entirely foreign to the body’s immune system).

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