Artificial Hearts are one Step Closer to the Market with €50M in Funding

01/03/2016 - 2 minutes

Carmat (France) has raised €50M from private investors (dwarfing its 2015’s €3M reserves) in order to further develop its artificial hearts during 2016 and apply for CE Marking.

carmat_artifical_heart_failure_bpifrance_cornovum_zaka_sante_holdings_airbus_truffleThis French Medtech company is developing an artificial heart (one of top examples of futuristic cyborg-like technologies in biotech) that could help patients with end-stage biventricular heart failure. There are people that have no other options besides a heart transplant – but can’t get it due to a shortage of organs.

Carmat completed its initial feasibility study with 4 patients back in January.  However, although the 4th patient died with medical complications (not related to the prosthesis), overall this small study had promising results – showing hemocompatibility and formation of a thromboresistant layer (i.e. no rejection).

Carmat has now closed an additional financing round to fund the clinical development of its medical device. This will likely involve a clinical trial in France, with an enrolment of around 20 patients.

The cash reserves will also help with the industrial development (such as supply chain and manufacture scale-up) and the application for a CE mark for the medical device.

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