Cell Therapy for Heart Failure fails in Phase III … but not Entirely

29/06/2016 - 3 minutes

Celyad failed to get significant results in its Phase III trial in cardiac disease. However, this cell therapy could still have a positive effect in a part of the patients. True potential or public relations patch?

celyad_cardiology_cardiopoiesis_cCardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. Biotech solutions in the field range from gene therapy (with uniQure and BMS) to enzyme stabilization (a Swedish strategy that closed a €100M deal) and even neurostimulation.

Cell therapy also had a place in cardiovascular diseases with Celyad’s C-Cure. Celyad (Belgium) has a platform to derive cardiopoietic cells from a patient’s bone marrow. After this procedure, the cells were reinjected into the patient’s heart and differentiate into normal heart cells.

Now, topline results of C-Cure’s Phase III trial (CHART-1) were just published, but they don’t look great. The therapy didn’t meet the trial’s primary endpoint: a statistically significant improvement of outcome for patients with chronic advanced ischemic heart failure.

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