ERRATUM: Celyad’s US patent on TCR-deficient allogeneic CAR-T cells

29/10/2015 - 3 minutes

ERRATUM: I published a first article on Celyad’s new patent on last Tuesday where I made an error of judgement. Celyad’s US patent covers allogeneic CAR-T modified to reduce immunogenicity. In my previous article, I wrote that Celyad stated having obtained the first US patent on CAR-T, which is wrong. 

Last Tuesday, Celyad announced having received the “First US Patent Covering Allogeneic Chimeric Antigen Receptor T Cells (“CAR-T”) Modified to Reduce Immunogenicity”.

The patent is specific to TCR-deficient allogeneic (not from the donor) CAR-T cells and covers applications in the US. As the CEO Christian Homsy stated : “To our knowledge, this is the very first patent covering TCR-deficient CAR T-Cells.

Patents covering CAR-T are really important for Biotech companies working in this field as this new kind of treatment is considered to be the next generation of cancer therapies. Other companies also have different patents on CAR-T.

The biggest one of them, the Seattle-based Juno Therapeutics (the company raised $579M,

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