This CEO was responsible for the Only German Biotech IPO in 2015…

21/03/2016 - 1 minute

Whilst at the Sachs conference last week, I had the chance to meet with Oliver Schacht, the CEO of Curetis. It’s the only German Biotech which went public last year and this was a good enough reason to have a chat (the company is also really interesting, obviously).

Logo_CuretisCuretis is based in Stuttgart in the South of Germany, and is developing a molecular diagnostic kit for severe multi-resistant bacterial infections.

Its goal is to help tackle the problem of antibiotic resistance – since according to the WHO by 2050, it could kill more people than Cancer.

Oliver Schacht joined the company in 2011 after co-founding Berlin-based Epigenomics and spending some years in Seattle.

He recently led the IPO of Curetis and quoted the company both on Euronext Brussels and Amsterdam in November 2015. The plan was to raised €29M but the IPO was oversubscribed to €44M! A great achievement for one of the most significant challenges in health this century.

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