Cobra Biologics and Manchester University Awarded €296.4K

24/02/2015 - 2 minutes

The University of Manchester and Cobra Biologics, biologics and pharmaceuticals manufacturer, have been awarded €296.4K by Innovate UK and the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC). The project is one of the only 23 which will share almost €27.3M given away by the competition that intends to bring innovative biotechnology projects to market.

The joint project, PeriTune, is to develop a protein expression optimization platform for the robust production of biologics. This platform will enable key bottlenecks and manufacturability challenges of recombinant proteins used in both biopharmaceutical medicines and industrial biotechnology to be addressed.

The platform will utilize the tunable gene expression control technology RiboTite, developed at the University of Manchester, coupled with the expertise in bioprocessing scale up at Cobra Biologics. At high levels of recombinant protein overexpression the secretion pathways can become overloaded, affecting cell viability. However, the RiboTite technology operates at the level of translation initiation and permits cellular-level tunable control of gene expression. This ability will be used to match expression to the periplasmic secretion capabilities of Escherichia coli production cells.

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