Curetis Molecular Diagnostics IPO Exceeds Expectations

13/11/2015 - 2 minutes

The Southern German Med-tech for infectious disease biotech, Curetis, has sold shares up to a value of €40M, which is 10 million above its initial target, despite a lower ranged Offer price.

Curetis_LogoCuretis have developed a molecular diagnostics system for hospital acquired infections (such as MRSA and Pneumonia). Their Unyvero system is a piece of med-tech which uses a cartridge based assay interface for detection of such pathogens in a hospital setting, meaning treatment can be addressed earlier and infection contained.

Their launch for an IPO of their Dutch holdings company Curetis N.V. was announced last month, with shares to go up for grabs on the Euronext markets for Brussels (BE) and Amsterdam (NL). This fundraiser aimed to further Curetis’ international expansion (in the EU, US and Asia) and bulk up their manufacturing capacity of the Unyvero system.

The final offering for the share price was actually set at €10.0, which we initially interpreted as mid to low range (since the target was set between €9.50 –

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