This Sepsis Detection Test saves 24h for Faster Treatment

20/06/2016 - 2 minutes

Curetis has received great results for its diagnostic kit. This new technology to detect sepsis is delivering the same results as standard tests, but it’s faster by 24 hours – critical time to deal with life-threatening infections. 

curetis_bcu_commercialization_blood_infectionsBased in Stuttgart (Germany), Curetis was the only German biotech to do an IPO in 2015. It did so with a bang, being listed on both Euronext Brussels and Amsterdam and raising €44M (vs. its original plans of €29M)!

Curetis is developing kits to diagnose serious infections in hospitals, with disposable cartridges that kind of work as diagnostic ‘apps’. There are cartridges for the analysis of pneumonia, implant and tissue infections, and blood culture.

Now, Curetis is rolling out the commercial sale of one of these applications, the BCU Blood Culture. It identifies pathogens present in bloodstream infections, which allows the selection of the adequate antibiotic for each case.

The current gold standard for this diagnostic is blood cultures. That means taking a sample of blood,

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