The Danish ‘Algae Cathedral’ is Manufacturing Proteins that Make Flamingos Pink

06/11/2015 - 3 minutes

A project at the Symbiosis Center Denmark has found a way to use Algae brewing bio-reactors to produce proteins for use in the Biotech industry. One such protein is the hotly sought after in biomedical research is Astaxanthin, also known for making Flamingo birds pink.

Symbiosis+Center+LogoThe Center brings together many biotech businesses, which recycle each others waste for materials to use in their own manufacturing process, and vice versa; a wonderful type of Economoy-symbiosis. The cycling center, also known as Klaundborg Symbiosis, is a closed loop ecosystem which has now accumulated up to 30 conduits installed between participating businesses.

The Center is an impressive feat of collaboration between local private and public infrastructure, and has proven to be a great platform for innovation too. A PhD group from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) have been investigating the industrial applications of the center (which they have nicknamed the ‘Algae Cathedral’) to produce proteins for businesses.

Patrick Uldall Noerregaard from the National Institute of Aquatic Resources at DTU (DTU Aqua),

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