“This Phase I could Pioneer Needle-free Vaccines”, DBV’s CEO

06/09/2016 - 3 minutes

How annoying are needle vaccinations? Very … But the French billion-euro Biotech DBV Technologies wants to bring a paradigm shift via its Anti-allergy Patch platform! I got to chat with the founder & CEO, Pierre-Henri Benhamou, for more insights.

DBV’s success continues to amaze me. It’s not only close to solving the global peanut and milk allergy problem, it raised over $300M on the NASDAQ, plans to commercialize its patch on its own and is exploring many new therapeutic areas, such as immuno-oncology and intolerances.

The French Biotech is now also going after vaccines with the help of Claire-Anne Siegrist, the head of vaccinology at WHO and at the University Hospital of Geneva. DBV just started a Phase I clinical trial of a toxin produced by BioNet-Asia, a vaccine company based in Bangkok.

I wondered, why source antigens from so far away? As Benhamou told me: “the vaccine market is very special and it’s hard to get access to the antigens

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