DBV: “These Additional Results Confirm our Potential of solving the Peanut Allergy problem Worldwide”

14/03/2016 - 6 minutes

DBV Technologies (Paris) was just under the spotlight in Los Angeles at the biggest allergy convention worldwide (2016 AAAAI Annual Meeting). Their Viaskin skin patch could potentially eradicate peanut allergies for patients altogether…

dbv_technologies_peanut_allergiesLast year, it was the first French Biotech to be listed on the NASDAQ (raising €90M), it then raised €255M (!) in a follow-up round and has a market cap north of €1.3Bn. The company now employs around 120 people now, and should hit nearly 200 by the end of the year.

At the congress, it published 11 papers, including a new scientific breakthrough, as well as the 2-years worth of data from a phase II study and an independent trial carried out by the National Institute of Health (which has the biggest hospital in the US).

Even though he had just flown over from New York (and was a bit jet-lagged), I had a chance to talk with Pierre-Henri Benhamou (CEO of DBV) to have a deeper understanding of what he announced meant for the future of the company.

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