Desktop Genetics launches a new Gene Editing Platform

25/04/2015 - 2 minutes

Desktop Genetics has just launched the DeskGen Platform for gene editing. It combines elements of the Company’s earlier tools, and allows researchers to design genome editing vectors and cloning strategies optimized to their own laboratories and experimental needs.

The DeskGen platform gives life scientists the power to expertly design optimized genome editing experiments in any cell line and species, right from their desktop. It has two modules: one for experimental design, and a second to manage DNA inventories, parts lists and feature annotations. The experimental module improves upon the best elements of many publicly-available CRISPR tools, developed by leading academic laboratories, which Desktop Genetics have expanded upon through the use of laboratory validation, overlaying the results in an information-rich genome browser and building more robust algorithms that provide users with a deeper level of analysis.

The repository module manages users’ DNA inventories, feature annotations and sequence information. The DeskGen platform intelligently finds CRISPR vectors in a user’s repository, and automatically inserts designed guides into them creating an “active genome editing vector” design.

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