Could this be the ‘Beginning of the end’ for Diabetes? Let’s Review.

14/06/2016 - 9 minutes

Given the rates of diabetes reaching ‘epidemic proportions’, we figured it was time to have a better overview of biotech’s progress in the field. With some serious advances having been made in the treatment of the disease, we have to ask – how much further can biotech go in the treatment of diabetes? 

It is important to note the various complications that can arise from the disease, which has a series of serious co-morbidities. These can range from increased risk to infection, cardiovascular disease and even neuropathies (nerve damage across multiple tissues), each of which presents their own challenges to tackle.

So here’s a review of recent developments, including developments in insulin, the growing MedTech field and how cell therapy is also tackling the disease.

Improving Efficacy of Insulin

Insulin was the first human recombinant protein to be approved on the market under the brand Humulin. It was initially developed by Genentech and marketed by Eli Lilly in 1982. This was a massive step forward to replace pig insulin and improve the life of diabetics worldwide.

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