Did you Know the Biotech Processes behind Wine and Champagne?

31/12/2015 - 4 minutes

Besides bread based confections, making alcohol from fruit is one of the oldest biotech processes. But what is really behind the transformation of grapes into wonderful wines, or even champagne?

Colorful beverages

As we are talking about biotechnology, it is crucial to discuss the micro-organisms involved in the process. But I think you would also love to know how you get different colours in wine!



Contrary to popular belief, the difference in wine colour does not depend on the kind of grape used, but lies in the order of steps in the wine-making process:

  • Grapes, which are put into fermentation directly and pressed after, will produce Red Wine
  • Those who are first pressed and then put into fermentation will make White Wine

This means you can make white wine from grapes too.

In other words, the fermentation of the juice only or the fermentation of the whole grapes change the color of the wine.

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