DNA Therapeutics presents positive results for its breakthrough Advanced Cancer Therapy

01/06/2015 - 2 minutes

ASCO Annual Meeting keeps bringing positive results of European companies that cross the ocean to present their clinical trial outcomes. DNA Therapeutics, the French biopharma, presented the results of the first-in-man phase I/IIa trial of DT01 in patients with cutaneous metastatic melanoma.

Cancer cells can easily repair themselves after damage incurred in their DNA from conventional therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation. To limit this, researchers have tried to inhibit enzymes involved in the repair process. ‘There are multiple DNA repair pathways but there is no single enzyme that is common to all of them,’ said Dr. Marie Dutreix, CNRS research director at the Institut Curie. ‘As well as being effective, a therapeutic approach should also be non-toxic to healthy cells. With DT01, we have a unique approach.

Instead of targeting a specific enzyme of a repair pathway, DT01 works upstream of all repair pathways by preventing the detection of damage caused by chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy.

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