Dragen Bio-Processor: UK Partnership to Finally Sequence Domestic Wheat Genome

28/10/2015 - 2 minutes

We still haven’t fully sequenced the domestic wheat genome! Now the US Dragen chip has the answer for speedy whole-genome analysis, which The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC) in England will test out for UK food-security research.

tgac_logo_singleDragen is a Bio-IT platform processing chip which has clinical pipelines for many areas in research, including the Microbiome, Cancer, and Epigenetics. Invented by the San Diego based Edico Genetics (US), the Dragen chip cuts whole human genome processing time down from 22.5 hours to a minuscule 41 minutes (and even less for plants like rice, as published in Genome Medicine)!

Now, Edico is delivering Dragen to the UK, in a new partnership with the TGAC in Norwich (England).

Edico engineers have implemented TGAC’s High-Performance infrastructure to adapt the Dragen chip for non-human genome analysis. Indeed, according to Edico’s CEO Pieter van Rooyen:

TGAC [is] a powerhouse in genomics that is home to one of the largest computing hardware facilities in Europe“.

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