Ebola, the fever falls

07/12/2014 - 15 minutes

This article provides an update of the 2014 Ebola outbreak relating to other past outbreaks of this disease. It provides demographic and economic insights into both the disease and the regions affected. It highlights lessons learnt and those that need to be learned. Which sectors are most impacted by this outbreak, and what is the potential economic loss of the most affected countries? As you may have observed, companies specializing in Ebola peaked in fall around October with concerns related to the expansion of the outbreak. Since, the fever has settled. It would be wrong to say that the risk is controlled. But it is clear that proven case’s number changed little (with even a disappearance in countries such as Nigeria) and the mass media are turning away. The result: Only a few specialized titles are spared.

The current situation in regards of the last few months

Ebola has infected in 2014 nearly 16,000 people, causing nearly 5,700 deaths mainly across West Africa with a handful of incidents in some developed countries. Developed countries have responded to the Ebola crisis by donating more than $2 billions along with several other private donations (Figure 1).

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