A €580M Collaboration for Endometriosis Therapies breaks into Clinical Development

08/08/2016 - 3 minutes

Update (24/07/2017): Bayer and Evotec have announced a second compound from their partnership made it to clinical trials in humans. Consequently, they have decided to extend the partnership for an extra year and develop 4 candidates instead of the original 3.  

Originally published on 08/08/2016

An endometriosis therapy is now moving to clinical development. It’s the result of a collaboration between Evotec and Bayer, which plan to develop 3 therapies for endometriosis – a common cause of chronic pain and infertility in women. 

evotec bayer partnership endometriosis treatmentAlong its journey from a being a CRO to having its own pipeline, Evotec has landed collaborations with big names and ambitious programs. These include Takeda, Boehringer Ingelheim, Roche, Bayer and a recent €500M deal with Sanofi.

The deal with Bayer was struck in 2012, and involved a payment of €12M upfront – with milestones going up €580M. It consisted of a 5-year collaboration to develop 3 candidates for endometriosis, a women’s health condition.


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