Epigenetics Drug Discovery has a New Champion!

17/11/2015 - 4 minutes

Last week at BIO-Europe 2015 in Munich, I had the opportunity to meet Torsten Hoffmann, CSO of Proteros who told me more about the recent incursion of his company in the Epigenetics space!

proterosProteros is a leader of the Structural Biology field. So, what is this field exactly? Usually, when a Pharmaceutical company is looking for a new drug to develop, it screens a huge molecule library on a specific target to hopefully have a ‘hit’ showing an interaction between the molecule and the target. That’s basically like looking for a needle in a haystack!

Structural Biology offers a smarter approach. This technique involves a deep study of the protein of interest to fully understand its 3D structure. Then, instead of only screening thousands of thousands of molecules, the biologist can find the most appropriate molecule that can interact with the target and even have an ‘image’ of how these molecules will work together in our body. That’s not magical, that’s pure science!

Proteros specialized in this science since its foundation in 1999 by Nobel Laureate Professor Robert Huber,

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