This UK Company told us how they Optimise Drug Development and turn a Profit

10/05/2016 - 4 minutes

Drug development is complex, requiring a high level of many different skills as well as an insane amount of cash to put it on the market. Having an innovative business model can be one solution to make it affordable. That is what Ergomed, a profitable UK company is doing: combining Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) services and Drug Development into one. And it really works…


We spoke to Andrew Mackie, who is the Chief Business Officer of Ergomed, and who also played a major role in developing their unique co-development model over the last 10 years.

In addition, Ergomed has just proposed an acquisition of the UK biotech Haemostatix, which has 2 haemostat products, one preparing for Phase IIb (PeproStat) and the second in late pre-clinical trials (ReadyFlow) for control of bleeding in surgery.

This buy-out (a deal worth up to €35M) is also a pivotal move for Ergomed, as it is a big leap from a CRO services business and co-developer to becoming a developer with fully owned programmes for potential new therapies.

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