Which European Biotechs made it to the Billion-Euro Club in 2016?

12/07/2016 - 6 minutes

Europe has a lot of successful Biotech companies, but which of those are worth a billion euros or more? I did a previous version of this article last year and now I explore how these have evolved. 

Just 9 European Biotech companies (private and public) are worth over one billion right now. Many of these were present last year. For example: Cellectis, Basilea, Adaptimmune and Bavarian Nordic have seen their stock prices decrease and their market cap drop under the billion range.

I decided not to add the life science companies which are not considered as being mainly Biotech – for example: Qiagen, DiaSorin or Novozymes, even though they are worth over a billion… We also made an infographic earlier this year on a Pyramid of EU Biotech worth.

So here’s the list – in no particular order. Market cap are the ones at the time of publication of the article.

Actelion: THE European Biotech success story

Andreas Schwarzkopf

Market cap: €17Bn (€15Bn this time last year)

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Founded: 1997

City: Basel (Switzerland)

Mission: Actelion is a leading biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery,

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