Europe’s Richest Microbiome Biotech Acquires Irish Start-up To Accelerate!

15/02/2016 - 3 minutes

Have you ever heard of 4D pharma (UK)? Well, it’s become one of the biggest and cash-rich players in the European Microbiome scene. Perhaps the acquisition of this Irish Chronic disease spin-off will bring their name to the spotlight…

 4D pharma in Leeds (England) acquired Tucana, a spin-off from the University College Cork (UCC), to complement its therapeutic platform with its research into treatments of a wide range of chronic diseases.

We have previously covered 4D pharma, a company focusing on the development of ‘live biotherapeutics’, particularly in connection with the Microbiome.

Although relatively young (founded in only 2014), 4D has become one of the major contributors to Europe’s microbiome ecosystem, competing with French biotechs like Enterome (whose strategy we discussed of CEO Pierre Belichard) and US biotechs like Seres and Evelo.

This new acquisition shows again the surprising dynamism of 4D. It has already raised a significant amount of funding (€99.7M),

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