Eurostars grants Metrion €2.2M for Novel Drug Discovery Tests

22/03/2016 - 3 minutes

Metrion Biosciences (UK) is receiving €2.2M in funding for its project to develop phenotypic cardiac safety assays, that could make drug discovery cheaper and faster.

metrion_cardiac_risk_arrhythmia_cipaMetrion is a Contract Research Organization out of the Babraham Institute in Cambridge (one of the 10 hottest bioincubators in Europe). It provides screening services for drugs still in the discovery phase, especially characterising the drug’s interaction with cellular ion channels.

A project to develop novel Cardiac safety assays (for heart muscle) led by Metrion, has now been granted €2.2M in funding by the Eurostars programme.

The new assays will improve the evaluation of the pro-arrhythmic risk – a test necessary for therapeutic candidates to make sure they don’t induce cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat).

Currently, indicators of a candidate’s risk of developing heart arrhythmia was by testing how the drug would interact with the patients potassium ion channels (e.g. hERG channel).

This is measured by the type of assay services Metrion provides,

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