European Biotech teams up with US Navy to engineer Military Materials

14/04/2016 - 3 minutes

Evolva will join the US Navy to make new materials with its biosynthetic molecules – which could make it into aircrafts and ships.

evolva_yeast_platform_fermentation_compositesEvolva is a Synthetic biology Biotech headquartered near Basel (Switzerland), but with offices and R&D also in Denmark. It has developed its yeast platform to produce high-value chemicals via fermentation.

So far, Evolva has developed interesting projects in the areas of flavour and fragrances, such as vanillin and saffron, and nutrition – including a project to improve stevia for diet soda.

Their nootkatone platform is also being developed for use as a tick repellant after gaining rights from the US Centers for disease control.

Evolva has also entered the market of agriculture, as it partnered up to develop the next generation of agricultural bioactive compounds, that could eventually replace antibiotics in plant crops.

Now, Evolva has extended its focus to materials. It will join the US Navy on a CRADA –

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