Exclusive interview with Laurent Levy, CEO of Nanobiotix, Leading European Nanomedicine Biotech

09/04/2015 - 3 minutes

Nanomedicine could be the next revolution in healthcare and Paris-based Nanobiotix is one of the leading biotech in the field. It started from a vision in 2003 and now counts 50 employees after having raised over €70M. I had the chance to chat with Laurent Levy, founding CEO of the company, and will give you an overview of this very interesting discussion focused on the potential impact of the treatments the company develops and its future plans. 

Disclosure: The original interview was conducted in French. The content, including the quotes, has been written independently and has not been validated by Nanobiotix.

Before going through the interview, you may want to get a quick overlook of the company’s history and background, which you can here: Nanobiotix on its way to change the paradigm in cancer therapy. We published the article a few weeks ago, which also includes a great illustration video.

“Nanobiotix’ therapeutical strategy is based on physics rather than on chemistry/biology” started Levy with.

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