Faces of BioArt: Maja Smrekar With Biochips, Genetic Engineering and Sleepy Rats in Slovenia

22/01/2016 - 2 minutes

Last week was the Transgenic artist, Eduardo Kac, and now we visit a Slovenian slant on the BioArt world with Maja Smrekar. Exploring multiple biotechnological techniques, Maja seems particularly versatile in her scientific, and sociological approach to BioArt.

Maja Smrekar is a Slovenian BioArtist at the Fine Art Academy in Ljubljana Sculpture Department and has had a long standing collaboration with the Kapelica Gallery and Aksioma Institute for Contemporary Art there.

In her exhibition MaSm Metatransformation (2011), Maja genetically modified the yeast MaSm Saccharomyces cerevisiae at the Medical Faculty of the University in Ljubljana to produce a lactic acid enzyme during fermentation.

Maja also demonstrated her fascination with cybernetics and digital biology by engineering a multi-electrode array biochip to stimulate neuron cells in Ion Flux / First Level (2010).

This was to attempt to create an artificial neural network to develop a synthetic memory as an ‘

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