Feel like investing in Bio-Lighting? Here’s your chance

04/05/2016 - 2 minutes

Glowee is bringing its bioluminescent bacteria back to crowdfunding, after raising €41k on Ulule. It is now after €645k to break into the industry – and anyone can invest in them.

glowee_bioluminesence_sandra_rey_fundraising_wiseed_ululeGlowee is a French start-up that is developing alternative lighting – with bioluminescent bacteria. This bacteria was genetically engineered to express proteins of marine organisms, that naturally glow in the dark.

The idea behind the start-up targets a new legislation in Paris, that forbids use of electric lights in shopfronts – both because of waste of resources and light pollution.

So Glowee developed a sort of sticker patch that glows in the dark, and can be used to light shops – but also displays, buildings and a lot of other creative products.

Here’s a quick animation of their project…Please accept preferences cookies to watch this video.

Its first crowdfunding campaign raised €41k.

Now, this Biotech start-up is doing an equity crowdfunding round,

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