From Anti-Ageing Creams to Alzheimer’s, this Biotech ‘Milks’ Tropical Plants

31/03/2016 - 6 minutes

What if a biotech company would run its business with plants as raw materials? We looked at the biotech Plant Advanced Technologies (PAT) (France) aims to push back the frontiers of plant ‘sourcing’, by  producing industrial biomolecules in plants without killing them!

PAT logo

Only a few thousand of plants are quite well exploited in green biotech over around 450,000 species of plants identified. Plants feed and treat us thanks to active compounds. Within a phenomenal reservoir, a substantial part of biodiversity potential is yet to be discovered.

PAT was born in 2005 in Nancy (East France), by the co-founders Jean-Paul Fèvre (CEO), Frédéric Bourgaud and Eric Gontier. They aimed to use plants to reveal and produce rare and new biomolecules for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and agro-chemical industries.

With more than 450 species of plants cultivated in their greenhouses, PAT already owns rights to around 25 active compounds which they have discovered. And its focus as a biotech is built on the relevance of its patented technologies to green movements at the French National Institute of Industrial Property,

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