French Biotech Launches Phase III Global Trial for Lung Cancer Drug

08/02/2016 - 2 minutes

OSE Pharma (France) has initiated the US phase III trial, Atalante 1. This global, pivotal trial will evaluate Tedopi, the company’s lead product, for advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

ose_pharma_tedopi_nsclcThe phase III study was initiated in Europe in early 2016, so the screening of eligible patients diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer is now actively ongoing in both Europe and the US.

Atalante 1 is designed to evaluate the benefits of Tedopi compared to current standard chemotherapies (docetaxel or premetrexed – both approved second line treatments).

Tedopi (OSE-2101) is a new “off-the-shelf” cancer immunotherapy approach based on OSE Pharma’s proprietary Memopi technology.

Neo-epitopes (small synthetic peptides chemically modified to increase the binding of certain antigen-receptor interactions) trigger a cytotoxic T-cell response and leads the immune system to destroy cancer cells in the lung. Tedopi is able to target 5 tumor associated antigens (TAA) and has an estimated global sales peak at €2BN.

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