French Nanomedicine Biotech Gets €21M to Kill Cancer with ‘Beam Rays’

15/03/2016 - 2 minutes

Nanobiotix (France) has had a successful private placement in, raising €21.3M to advance the clinical development of its localised radiotherapy for Cancer.

nanobiotix_private_placement_€21M_nanoxray_sarcoma_phase3_liver_head_neck_prostate_cancer_nbtxr3_nanomedicine_radiotherapy_localizedLocated in Paris’ superbiocluster, Nanobiotix wants to change the way cancer is treated – but in a different way from most Biotech strategies. It is developing NanoXRay, a paradigm-shifting nanotechnology for localised radiotherapy.

Nanobiotix has now raised €21.3M in a private placement in US and Europe markets, issuing over 1.4 million new shares at €15.051 each – about 10% of the company’s equity.

All these new funds will be used to support the clinical development of its leading candidate, NBTXR3, which is the first product of the NanoXray pipeline for intra-tumoral injection. This therapy can target indications where access is feasible, such as a treatment for liver cancers, gliobastoma (a type of brain tumour), rectal, prostate, head and neck cancers.

NBTXR3 has already completed a phase I for soft tissue sarcoma in mid-2014,

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