Google and GSK invest €630M to create a new Bioelectronics Champion

02/08/2016 - 3 minutes

GSK and Verily Life Sciences are creating a new company together, Galvani Bioelectronics. Along with €630M in investment, it’ll inherit intellectual property to pioneer a new class of therapies – bioelectronic medicines.

gsk verily galvani bioelectronics electroceuticalsGSK is one of the big Pharma based in Europe and has had a strong presence in many hype fields of medical Biotech. Examples are its role in the comeback of gene therapy (with the second EMA-approved therapy) and collaborations for TCR technology in immuno-oncology.

Another ‘hot topic’ that GSK has been focusing on is bioelectronics, with the creation of a dedicated team in 2012. So far, GSK has had ‘encouraging proof of principle’ in animal models for a range of diseases.

Now, this side of GSK’s research is spawning a new company, in collaboration with another heavyweight. This is the former Google incursion in Biotech, now called Verily. Verily is a prime example of how Tech is increasingly interested in Biotech and medical fields –

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