ITW: GapSummit, the Event for the European Bio-leaders of Tomorrow

18/03/2016 - 3 minutes

Where can you meet the next generation of European Biotech leaders in one single event? For sure at GapSummit 2016, which will be held next April 4th to 6th in Cambridge, UK. We had a chat with the young Director and President of the event, Lisa Altmann-Richer, to have more details.

Could you first present Global Biotech Revolution?

Global Biotech Revolution (GBR) is a non-profit that connects biotech think-tanks, industrial leaders and research pioneers to bio-leaders of tomorrow. We engage key stakeholders through physical and online platforms that initiate and build future global conversations and collaborations.

Our vision is to create a network of future and current bio-leaders who grow and support each other’s ideas and knowledge, and think innovatively on growing the global bio-economy through collaborative ventures.

Why are you organising GapSummit?

The GapSummit is GBR’s flagship event, and the world’s first inter-generational inter-cultural leadership summit in biotechnology. I am organising the GapSummit 2016 to provide an opportunity to 100 of the most promising bio-leaders of tomorrow from over 40 nations to come to Cambridge (UK),

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