Genetic Diagnostic can cut number of Breast Cancer Patients needing Chemo in Half

02/05/2016 - 3 minutes

Agendia’s shows remarkable clinical results for its genomic assay (MammaPrint) allowed 48% of early-stage breast cancer patients to be spared from chemotherapy.

agendia_mammaprint_breast_cancer_chemotherapyAgendia started out in 2003 as a spin-off from the Netherlands Cancer Institute to commercialize diagnostic tools for cancer.

Its first product was MammaPrint, which uses DNA microarray technology to test the activity 70 genes that affect breast cancer progression – and so the risk of recurrence or metastasis in the future.

Traditional criteria of recurrence risk include age at diagnosis, size and type of tumor. After surgically removing the tumor, high risk patients are prescribed treatments like chemotherapy – which are both costly to health systems and aggressive for the patients.

MammaPrint can more accurately predict the risk of recurrence, including for a part of patients that would be high risk by clinical standards. So these individuals are spared from undergoing unnecessary chemotherapy – something worthy of the European inventor award.

Now, Agendia has presented important results at the recent AACR meeting (along with some other reputable European Biotechs).

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