The German Accelerator in Boston’s 4 Rising Biotech Stars

15/01/2016 - 3 minutes

During the 34th JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, the German Accelerator Life Sciences (GALS) announced the first four companies to participate in its Cambridge-based program.

german_accelerator_life_sciences_ayoxxa_pepperprint_sonormedGermany has a long-standing reputation for life science innovation. However, most pharmaceutical and biotech companies are now headquartered in the US, and significantly more digital health solutions are developed in Silicon Valley and Boston than in Berlin or Munich..

GALS is part of a broader initiative of the German government to foster high-tech innovation and life science entrepreneurship in Germany. Now, these 4 start-up biotechs will be nurtured over the next 12 months, to push their business ideas to success, from from treating tinnitus patients with filtered music and preventing stroke via a mobile ECG app.

So who are the lucky 4?

AYOXXA Biosystems

AYOXXA has invented a technology platform to analyze very low amounts of multiple protein biomarkers in biological samples, simultaneously and with high precision (up to 10,000-fold more data points than a standard immunoassay).

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