German Biotech targets China for Lung Cancer Liquid Biopsies

30/03/2016 - 3 minutes

Epigenomics (Germany and US) has closed a deal to develop and commercialize a new blood-based lung cancer diagnostic in China, one of its highest performing markets.

There are many biotech efforts to find treatments for cancer, but a separate strategy to lower cancer mortality is to improve diagnosis – so that people can be treated when their cancers are still in early stage and manageable.

This is exactly what Epigenomics, one of our favorite Biotechs in Berlin, is doing. Based on their expertise in DNA methylation, one of the most studied forms of epigenetic alterations, Epigenomics is developing ‘liquid biopsies‘ – blood-based tests that can diagnose cancer quickly based on presence of certain biomarkers.

Its first product, Epi proColon, is a test for colorectal cancer that is approved for commercialization in Europe since 2012, while its authorization in the US is still being reviewed after the completion of the ADMIT trial.

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