A glimpse of the future: the revolution of bionic eyes

23/01/2015 - 2 minutes

Six months after the surgery, the first Spanish with a bionic eye has gone from the total darkness to discern shapes and distances thanks to the technology developed by Second Sight Medical Products. With the MedTech field moving forward so fast, a new generation of devices meant to restore the sense of vision is about to come.

Second Sight, located in California, was founded in 1998 by Alfred Mann, Dr. Sam Williams and Gunnar Bjorg with the goal of designing a retinal prosthesis to provide sight to subjects blinded from outer retinal degenerations, such as retinitis pigmentosa. They have created the Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System (“Argus II”), the world’s first approved device intended to give back some functional vision for people suffering from blindness. Argus II is approved for use in the United States and the European Economic Area. The implant consists in an epiretinal prosthesis surgically implanted in and on the eye that includes an antenna, an electronics case, and an electrode array. An external equipment is also needed,

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