GNA Biosolutions Leads the Consortium for Ultra-Fast Detection of Ebola

20/02/2015 - 3 minutes

The ultra-fast diagnostic instruments developer, GNA Biosolutions (GNA), started the FILODIAG (Filovirus Diagnostics) project for developing a high-speed Ebola detection system based on GNA’s novel Laser PCR technology.

There is an urgent need for fast and accurate diagnostic tests in the current and any future Ebola crisis. The rapid diagnosis of Ebola during early and late stage of infection is a decisive step for risk assessment and for guidance to physicians to take the necessary decisions to limit the spread of the infection, and to safely nurse the infected patients. While fast and easy-to-use tests usually rely on immuno-diagnostic approaches, they typically lack high sensitivity and specificity. The gold standard for accurate diagnostics is Real-Time PCR but this procedure requires special laboratory facilities and a long processing time of up to several hours. The aim of the FILODIAG project is to deliver a diagnostic system fast enough for point-of-need testing of incoming patients.

The core technology being used is based on GNA’s laser-heated nanoparticles (Laser PCR) that helps to overcome the time-limiting step of heating and cooling the reaction sample in conventional PCR reactions.

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