Groningen’s MedTech Hub for Neurosurgery is Actually a Biotech Hotspot

22/01/2016 - 3 minutes

I visited Groningen (Netherlands) and the University Medical centre there in November, and it was interesting to note the tight knit Biotechnology and medical research bubble which has been enlarging, now making multiple outbound research and clinical trial links to the US

microaire_polyganics_medtech_biotech_neurosurgeryOne such example is Polyganics, which has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with its US strategic partner MicroAire Surgical Instruments for the company’s entire peripheral nerve repair (PNR) portfolio in the States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Polyganics is a privately held MedTech company working on products and tech for peripheral nerve repair, neurosurgery, general surgery (as well as ear, nose & throat surgery). 

MicroAire has broadened therefore used Polyganics to broaden its product portfolio, with new high quality devices in the area of neurosurgical medtech. These include:

Neurolac tubes are flexible, non-immunogenic absorbable supports for damaged nerves, lasting around 10-12 weeks with sufficient mechanical strength and kinking resistance to withstand pressure forces.

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